OperaCréole Givonna Joseph and Aria Mason, Founders

The premier opera company bringing history to life in New Orleans

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In honor of New Orleans’ 300th birthday, OperaCréole created a new work to uplift the stories of real 19th Century New Orleans men and women of color, who fought for freedom, and petitioned President Lincoln for the right to vote after the Civil War. 

The opera is built upon music by 19th Century New Orleans free classical composers of color, with their piano works arranged for strings and piano trio by Tucker Fuller. Additional historical lyrics and melodies by Givonna Joseph, and Tucker Fuller, and a hymn to the Venerable Henriette Delille by Dr. Marcus St. Julien.

Historical texts from, and replicas of L’Union, (1863) and La Tribune (1864) newspapers, provided by Mark Roudané, Great-great grandson of physician Dr.Louis Charles Roudanez, publisher of these first black newspapers.
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